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I visited my Analytics report last week and made a very interesting discovery. My website traffic had suddenly spiked with over 3,000 new visitors in 30 days. The culprit? A post I wrote about one of our competitors. “Body by Vi Scam? 9 Reasons NOT to Take the 90-day Challenge” is by far the most popular blog article on this site. That got me thinking.

First I wondered if Google had recently made a major update to its algorithm. I wrote that post 2 months before it suddenly became popular, and prior to that I averaged about 500 to 1,000 monthly visitors. Now I’m up to more than 5,000 unique visitors per month, and most of my traffic is generated from that one piece of content. What is it about that post that made people want to read it?

If you’re not a copywriter by trade, or if you don’t feel very confident about your SEO skills, don’t worry. I’m about to share with you a useful, simple and surprising tactic to drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales. In fact, that post brought me a new customer today!

Ready? Here it is:


That’s it. Yep. It really is that simple. And surprising, right? I almost couldn’t believe that a post about one of my competitors would have a positive impact on my business. Actually, I figured the opposite would happen. But so far, it has worked out well for me. I took a risk by contributing my 2 cents to a controversial subject, but you know what they say. Sometimes taking risks is the only way to get anywhere in life.

Here’s why this strategy works:

People LOVE controversy. Take a passionate stand for or against something that a lot of people care about and you’re bound to get noticed. And in some cases, negative exposure is better than no exposure. I’ve gotten quite a few comments from people on that post, and while not all of them were good, I’m sure they helped my search engine rankings. Lots of comments tells Google that you’re creating buzz, which means you obviously have something of value to contribute to a conversation. Google then boosts your rankings and you get even more traffic to your site. (Just be sure to handle all replies with tact and be professional, no matter how angry a comment makes you.)

Also, there may be more buzz out there about your competition than there is about what you’re selling. If that’s the case, don’t let it get you down! Embrace the fact that you’re just not that popular (yet) and use this opportunity to enter the conversation so that people can find out about you. This is a good chance to work new keywords into your content (yes, even those that mention your competitors directly).

It may sound surprising at first, but this tactic actually makes a lot of sense and can help drive more traffic to your website if you do it right. If you’ve used this strategy before, we’d love to hear your results. Please share them with us in the comments below!


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