Using Facebook to Grow your Network Marketing Business


Using social media to grow your business online can be very effective if done right. Here, I’m going to discuss marketing on Facebook as it relates to my personal experience, but these tips will work for any kind of network marketing business or other business in general. The first step in growing your business with social media is to create content that has the potential to “go viral.”

What is “Viral Marketing”

Think of a virus and how easily and naturally it spreads. That concept is basically how viral marketing got its name. Viral marketing is any type of marketing content or campaign that spreads naturally through word of mouth and sharing. It catches on quickly and once it does, it doesn’t let go. Your job, as a participant in online network marketing, is to create content that quickly goes viral. The content that has the most potential to go viral is usually that which is most unique.

Facebook and Network Marketing

Facebook is one of the most effective viral marketing tools out there today for several reasons:

1. Almost everyone has a Facebook account.
2. Most people use their account to share interesting content.

You’ve probably seen interesting articles, photos or videos posted to your news feed that have caught your attention. And when you like something, what’s the first thing you do? You click the “like” button. And then you may also click the “share” button, which posts it to your Facebook timeline for all of your friends to see. And your friends that see it and like it share it to their timeline for all of their friends to see. And so on. That, my friends, is viral marketing in a nutshell. Unique and interesting content spreads naturally through word of mouth. In the digital age, word of mouth often happens on Facebook and other social media sites.

Marketing on Facebook — Do’s and Dont’s

Using social media to grow your business isn’t that hard. Usually, your friends are going to trust your recommendations. That’s what makes social media marketing so effective, and what subsequently makes network marketing on Facebook so effective. If you’re struggling with how to grow your business on Facebook, here are some do’s and dont’s.

DO make friends. The network marketing industry is a numbers game. The more people you talk to about your opportunity, product or service, the better off you’ll be. If you’re trying to grow a network of hundreds of people you need to have at least 10 times that in friends on Facebook. Don’t worry. You’re probably acquainted with more people than you think. Look for people with whom you have mutual friends in common. If you have 10 mutual friends in common with someone, then chances are that person will accept your friend request, whether you’ve actually met them in person or not. By the same token, if someone requests you as a friend and you seem to have mutual friends in common, or there’s a chance you’ve met before, accept their request.

DO post often. The more you post on Facebook, the more likely it is that your friends will see your updates and respond to them. Consistency is key when it comes to success. If you only post status updates sporadically, you won’t get very many Facebook marketing leads.

DO post interesting updates. No one really cares what you ate for breakfast. Unless the recipe was phenomenal and you post a link to it and a picture as well. Updates like “Long day! Time for bed!” aren’t going to get much attention. They also clutter your friends’ news feeds, which might prompt them to hide your posts. And please don’t spend your time playing games like Farmville. The automatic status updates from these applications will also clutter your friends’ news feeds. Plus, you probably won’t grow your business very much if you’re wasting time playing games.

DO post a variety of different things. Facebook measures how each user interacts with different types of media and uses this data to determine what shows up in your news feed. So if you have friends who interact more with video, they will be less likely to see a text update or a link to an article. Facebook will, more often, display video posts from you in their feeds. Similarly, if you have friends who click on article links often, then they will be likely to see it when you post a link to an article on your timeline. Don’t just post pictures, links or videos. Post all three and space them out throughout each day to be sure all of your friends get at least one update that intrigues them to look into your service, product or opportunity.

DO network with others in your business. I’m friends with several other network marketers who use Facebook and social media networking, and we help each other. If I see an inspirational quote from one of them that is worth sharing, I share it, whether they are in my company or not. If I see another direct selling professional who has achieved success in their business, I congratulate them. It doesn’t matter if they are in your company or not. Direct selling is a culture and a lifestyle. Show that lifestyle and celebrate each others’ successes regularly! Others will see it and be intrigued. This is a very effective way to create marketing leads on Facebook. You can start by adding me as a friend on Facebook!

DON’T post too often. If you start giving your friends a play-by-play of your actions every five minutes, they’re going to get annoyed. Wait at least an hour or two between posts so that your friends don’t see 10 status updates in a row from you.

DON’T be mean. A positive attitude is more attractive than a negative one. Posting depressing status updates anytime someone rejects what you have to offer is likely to turn them away even more, in addition to turning away your friends who may have been on the fence about it. Be nice. Smile a lot. Be happy. Not everyone will want what you have, and that’s okay. Move on and find the ones who do, rather than wasting more time on the ones who don’t.

DON’T be sales-y. This might be the hardest one for us network marketers who use social media for business. Where do you draw the line between coming off as a salesperson and coming off as someone with a genuine desire to change peoples’ lives? For starters, it’s important that every single Facebook status update is not related to your business, product or service. Post normal, everyday updates in between about the other things that are going on in your life. Scatter posts about your business intermittently throughout the rest of your timeline, so that you don’t sound like a used car salesman.

DON’T be pushy. Again you don’t want to come off like a used car salesman. If it’s clear that someone isn’t interested in your opportunity, then move on. When they hear that you’re making thousands in residual income several months or years later, they’ll come around.


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