40 Days of Repentance | Day 29: Marriage


Today marks 7 years of marriage to my best friend.

They said the first year is always the hardest. That was true for us. We had a pretty big fight that year and I even threw out the unspeakable “D” word (divorce) in the midst of it, which later inspired this song.

It has gotten easier. Yes, even with two kids. It’s crazy how close we’ve grown and how well we know each other. We finish each other’s sentences. Sometimes, we even finish each other’s thoughts.

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Gen. 2:24

When I was growing up, I didn’t think such a thing even existed except in the movies, but now it’s real life. For me, anyway…

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for many others.

I’m so thankful that we are on the same path, and that we’re walking the same walk. That we are both earnestly seeking an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. I see men and women on social media every day who are struggling in their marriages. Their spouses have no desire to put God first; they have no desire to seek Him, to pray together, to raise their children to follow Yeshua. And it’s heartbreaking to see what so many people are going through.

I look back on who I was before I met Jereme, and I know without a doubt that our union was orchestrated and held together all these years by YHWH. The person I was before we met is someone I’m not proud of. I had a history of destructive relationships (most of which were destroyed by the actions of yours truly.) And even after we started dating, I remember telling God that if He wanted our relationship to last, He would have to intervene and completely transform my heart. He answered that prayer. Had he chosen not to, we probably would not be together now.

I was imperfect. I did not know how to love myself, much less a completely separate human being. I could have tried on my own to be faithful and true, as a wife should be. But there’s no way I would have succeeded. Not for long anyway…

It was an act of YHWH that saved our relationship and brought us to where we are now. It wasn’t until I chose to seek Him—to repent of my past and to allow Him to change me—that I became a new creature.

If you’re struggling in your marriage, the only advice I can give is return to Him

Trust in Him. Ask Him to give you the desires of your heart….

He will.

I’m living proof.

But if that’s not enough, His Word says so: “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4

This is day 28 in my 40 Days of Repentance series. Click here to read day 27.


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