40 Days of Repentance | Day 4: Healing


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Everyone who knows my family knows that we are very passionate about natural health and wellness. Our passion ignited in 2010 when we started using Isagenix products and learning about the body’s ability to heal itself. It’s crazy how YHWH created these vessels. They can truly do amazing things.

In 2012, after I became pregnant with Indie, we began seeing a chiropractor. I learned about the role of the spine and nervous system in our overall health. Did you know that your nervous system basically controls the rest of your body, and that if it’s out of whack, it can negatively impact the other systems in your body? It makes sense, but it was something I had never thought about before. Those “crazy chiro quacks” do a lot more than just crack your back! After having 2 babies naturally while under chiropractic care, I firmly believe it’s a solid form of preventative medicine. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend it.

Around the same time, I was exposed to the healing power of essential oils and began using them to treat ailments naturally. And before I even became pregnant, I had heard about home birth as an alternative to hospital birth and it appealed to me. We decided right away that we were going to have all of our children at home (Yah willing…)

When I was a kid, I used to get strep throat at least once a year. I’d go to the doctor for an antibiotic prescription to knock it out. Today, if I get strep, I take a few drops of oregano oil every hour until it goes away. Oil of oregano is actually a natural antibiotic. I have used this method to treat all kinds of bacterial and viral infections that you supposedly can’t treat without antibiotics: sore throats, respiratory infections, even bladder infections. And it works every time!

Shortly after Indie was born, Jereme discovered he had candida overgrowth when he began to develop a severe case of psoriasis on his knuckles. That, combined with a host of other horrible symptoms led him to do a lot of research, and he eventually cured himself simply through diet and lifestyle—no pharmaceuticals necessary.

Turns out, you don’t have to poison your body to get well!

I feel so blessed to have all of this knowledge about how to prevent disease and heal naturally. And when I think about how our creator made our bodies to do all of these amazing things, I’m nearly speechless…

But I’ve mostly kept it to myself, especially lately. My excuses for not sharing what I’ve been given include things like:

“I’m not a doctor, so no one’s going to listen to me.”

“People will just think I’m trying to sell them something. Even if I genuinely do think that what I have to offer will help.”

This lifestyle is too expensive and difficult for most. They’ll have to spend more money on organic food and supplements (not covered by insurance), and I know for a fact the phrase “quitting sugar” is not in their vocabulary.

But the more I see sickness running rampant in our world (especially in the U.S.), the more I develop a desire to tell our story and to spread the knowledge I have, along with the products I believe are useful for preventing and treating illness.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, throughout this season of repentance we must begin to search our hearts, because in order to repent, we must first know what sin we are holding onto that’s keeping us from fully experiencing the Father’s blessings. So far, I’ve talked about my fear of sharing what He’s given me, including the knowledge that his Torah was never abolished, but also the knowledge I have about how to heal your body from disease. And this fear all boils down to one thing: a lack of trust.

When I was pregnant with Indie, I spent a lot of time mentally preparing for the birth. I had never given birth before, but I was determined to do it without any meds and to do it at home instead of at a hospital. I knew that if I was gonna pull this off, I would have to be mentally ready. Overcoming fear and pain is all mental. My midwife asked me at every prenatal visit if I had been exercising and going for walks to physically prepare for the birth, and I did those things from time to time as well. Yes, giving birth is like running a marathon, and it’s important to build up your endurance. But I believe it was all of the mental preparation that really brought me through it and made the entire experience so easy for me.

How did I mentally prepare?

I prayed. A lot. 

I also read a lot of books and “practiced” being in labor like the Bradley childbirth method teaches. I watched a lot of birth videos on YouTube. I watched The Business of Being Born three times. I also read multiple birth stories by women who had overcome the most seemingly impossible scenarios: breeched babies born at home, triplets born at home, 11-lb. babies born at home, HBACs (home births after Caesarean), kids born on the side of the road on the way to the hospital, babies born unassisted before the midwife arrived… the list goes on.

I was bound and determined to be ready. Barring my baby having to go through a placenta in order to come out alive, I was not going to a hospital, and I was definitely not getting a C-section.

And I believe it paid off. Mostly the prayer, of course. 🙂 By the time I went into labor with Indie, I had full confidence that my body could do this. It was created to do this. And I knew that YHWH was on our side and fully present during the entire experience.

Her birth was so. incredibly. easy. And wonderful.

It’s funny, I remember having that level of faith once. And I long to have it again. But for some reason, lately, I’ve been struggling to muster up so much as a mustard seed’s worth of confidence in Him. (And from what I hear that’s all it takes to move mountains.)

Recently, I came down with a pretty severe upper respiratory infection, and I asked Him to heal me, but I don’t think I really believed He’d do it. Not like I really believed he’d answer all of my prayers concerning the birth of my children. And even if I did, perhaps it was something He wanted me to suffer through for a reason that I couldn’t see.

Still, I got angry when things started to take longer than I expected. And since I don’t take medicine—at least not the conventional pharmaceutical poison that most others are quick to choke down for just a few hours of relief—I expected to overcome it faster. “Surely, He will bless me with swift healing, because I don’t put crap into my body like most other people do, right?”

But even though I don’t take conventional medicine (or perhaps, because I don’t take conventional medicine), I take a ton of other supplements in its place. For this particular illness, I was loaded up on: liposomal vitamin C, elderberry syrup, essential oils, apple cider vinegar, hot tea, Juice Plus, Plexus Slim, and of course, plenty of water. I was multi-dosing with this stuff several times a day in hopes of getting better.

What I failed to do was the one thing I just acknowledged brought me through the births of my children: pray. Yeah, I asked for healing. But it was more like shouting demands in my halfway incoherent feverish state once I realized all the other stuff I had been doing wasn’t working as quickly as it normally does. Just like all the pharma-pill poppers in the world, this naturopath had a serious lack of trust in my creator.

Am I saying that if you take pharmaceutical medicine when you’re sick, that you lack trust in His healing power?

Yes. (#sorrynotsorry if that offends you—it’s simply what I believe about Big Pharma, and it’s okay if you don’t agree. I don’t have time to get into it now, but I’d be glad to have a discussion over coffee with anyone who wants elaboration or clarification on that.)

But I also don’t pretend to be any better than you, because I choose natural over conventional medicine. During this last bout of sickness in particular, my lack of faith was just as apparent as the next person’s. I had elevated all of these other substances—things that are naturally available throughout His creation—above the one who created them. I had put more trust in my oregano oil and vitamin C than in my Father in Heaven.

Yes, it’s great to use all of these wonderful things He has given to us to take care of our bodies so they can do what they were created to do. But not at the expense of our relationship with Him.

In reflecting over the past couple of weeks, I felt I should write this post as an invitation to anyone who’s struggling with their health—whether you’re an advocate for natural or not—to return to the heart of YHWH. To seek Him and His ways. To trust in His healing power (even when He may not choose to heal you).

His desire is for us—His children—to be well, even when we’re not feeling it.

This post is Day 4 in my 40 Days of Repentance series. Click here to read Day 3.


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