Pumpkin Soup for the Thankful Soul


I’m a little behind, I know. Thanksgiving was several days ago, and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. Most bloggers probably started their “holiday-themed” posting over a week ago. But, I guess that just means I’m not like most bloggers, which may be a good thing…

Hubs (Jereme) and I went over to his parents’ house and had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with his family. I found this great recipe for Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, gave it my own twist with some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice and served it inside of mini-pumpkins that I carved into bowls. Everyone who tried it really liked it, but I probably won’t do the pumpkin bowls again. They were pricey and when you buy 15 of them, the cost adds up. I knew I was going overboard at the time, but it was fun and festive, so I didn’t care. We transported them over in a box and ladled the soup in once we got there.

Roasted Mini-Pumpkin Bowls

Thanksgiving was fun, but at times it was awkward. Like most families, me and the in-laws have had our differences. (I’ll just put that out there.) We usually manage to work them out, but it takes a little more time than I’m used to with my own family. About two weeks ago there was a small tiff (ironically over the Thanksgiving feast) and I’m still not sure if it’s been resolved. Needless to say there were moments when I felt a bit out of place on Thursday. But I tried to make the best of it, and I’m still very thankful for Jereme and his family.

A friend of mine recently posted a blog about giving thanks even when it’s a challenge. There are people out there who had to spend their holiday grieving the loss of a loved one. There are people out there who have likely suffered way worse than you and I. Life is too short to hold grudges. It’s too short to be angry about what you don’t have. It’s too short to be angry period. I hope you spent your holiday giving thanks for everything and everyone that God has given to you.

We are called to love.

Sometimes it’s really hard to love people – especially when you try to reach out to them with love and they ignore you or reject you outright. I can’t help but wonder how many times I’ve done that to God – turned away when He reached out his hand to me as a Friend and a Father. I’m thankful that when I was finally ready to run with Him, rather than from Him, when I was finally ready to heed His calling, He didn’t turn me away. God knows I definitely deserved it. But He loves me, despite all of my shortcomings. And that is what we are called to do in His name.

Love others as He has loved us.

The pumpkin soup was delicious. The time with hubs and family was divine. But nothing compares to the grace and love of our Heavenly Father, and that is what I celebrated this Turkey Day.

Feeling a little down and out this holiday season? Make some pumpkin soup. The hours that it took me to roast the pumpkin bowls were unbelievably therapeutic. And the way the soup tasted when I finished making it – SOOO worth it. The picture just doesn’t quite do it justice.

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup



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