This post explains the difference between losing weight and losing body fat, and how to maintain an ideal body fat percentage while building lean muscle mass.


Writing songs isn’t hard, but if you’re trying to write a song for the first time, you may be struggling with songwriting ideas. If that’s the case, then take these two songwriting tips to heart: listen and collaborate. Talk to other songwriters. Learn from them. Work together. Write a song together. You may be amazed at what you come up with. You may even breed a whole new style of music.

Custom Songs

There are hundreds of ways to say sorry. One night, during our first year of marriage, my husband and I got into a huge fight that ended with a word you should never say to your spouse. (I won’t repeat it here.) Though I did say “I’m sorry” in the conventional way, I had to do something more, so I wrote him a song. It’s called “The Fight,” named after the incident that inspired it. Listen to it here.

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