Empower Network Scam? 3 Reasons Why I Won’t Join


Disclaimer: I know that at least half of the people who click on this post from a search engine are members in the company I’m speaking of and are looking to add fuel to their own fire. I know I won’t profit from you, and that I probably won’t change your mind about Empower Network, so I’m not going to try. I also know that there are some who will come to this post because they’re looking for an honest answer to a question. I can’t promise that I’ll provide that answer, but what I will provide you with is my own, very humble opinion, which you can take or leave as you like. And if you choose to leave it, no hard feelings. 

Is Empower Network a Scam?

Admittedly, I’ve looked extensively into Empower Network and debated joining several times. When you hear stories like: “Disabled Vet rakes in $40,000 dollars in his first month online without even getting out of bed!” it’s hard to keep yourself from wondering what it would look like if you could accomplish the same feat. But, after many hours of research, I have decided that I will not be spending the $25 it takes to get a supposedly high-ranked blog up and running on Empower Network, for several reasons.

Reason #1: I already have a blog. SelsTalk.com is ranked #1 in Google for a keyword that gets over 12,000 exact match searches a month — not extremely high, but not too shabby. (I’m still learning.) The post that uses that keyword brought me 3,000 new visitors in one month, several of which converted to customers and are now members of my business team. So, I’d say that even though I haven’t made a fortune, I’ve been able to make some money with my blog, which means I don’t need Empower Network’s system to get me started.

“But Sels” – you ask – “what if I don’t already have a blog or even know how to set one up?”

Funny you should ask that. I had the same thought before I started my blog and realized how incredibly easy it is. Keep reading…

Reason #2: Setting up your own blog — on your own domain — and hosting it yourself is WAY cheaper than $25 a month. You can buy a domain name for $10 a year and host it for around $7 a month. I’ll go ahead and break that down for you mathematically:

Annual cost to set up and maintain your own blog on your own domain (which is better than using Empower Network’s domain for reasons that I’ll cover later) = $94.

Annual cost to set up and maintain a blog on the Empower Network (including the $19 Merchant Account, which you’re encouraged to purchase so you can collect credit card information and earn commissions) = $528. This does not include all of the other training they will try to sell you once you purchase the initial package.

The cost alone makes this a no-brainer for me. But there’s more. Read on…

Reason #3: I’d rather have my own domain. Empower Network tells you that you can get a website on their domain for “only” $25 a month. So your URL would look something like this:


Wouldn’t you rather have a website that is uniquely branded to you and looks more like this?


With more and more people joining Empower Network, the space is getting really competitive. It’s getting more difficult to get your Empower Network website to rank high in search engines. Sure, you can use a 301 redirect to get your empower network URL to point to your own domain, but if you’re willing to figure out how to do that, then you’re probably willing to figure out how to set up your own blog with its own unique design. 🙂

These are all reasons why I feel Empower Network is not right for me. Personally, I’ve found what I believe to be a better way to make money online, using my own website and without spending too much money. I’m sure you’re wondering about the answer to the next question:

Can you really make money online?

My answer is YES. But, it won’t happen overnight. It may not even happen in a year. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience, mixed with a hint of luck and, in my case, prayer. Bottom line is, it takes time to build a reputation and a business online. Sites like Empower Network are feeding into our culture’s obsession with “I NEED IT NOW!” Stop. Breathe. Channel that need into effort and you’ll get there. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do it. If you want to get there faster, I’m happy to help. Contact me and let’s set up a chat.


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  1. LOL….I am glad to finally read what I had recently posted on Empower Network! I am also a blogger and Isagenix distributor and have watched you blog climb in the Google ranks before I finally clicked to see who was invading my space! LOL nice job and nice blog!

    • Brent – same to you! I looked at your website too. I didn’t realize I had invaded your space. Didn’t really mean to. But there’s always room for more! We’re both just looking to help other people get healthy right? 🙂

  2. I had joined Empower network once upon a time, for a month, and then I quit, for many of the same reasons you list above. the culture of e.n. is extremely belligerent – to the point of being condescending. I thought that if I got one more email telling me not to be a wussy, I might have to go down there and hurt someone. in addition, the blog itself is basically worthless, until or unless you can sell it to someone else. I also have a blog that does not not cost me anywhere near $25 a month to operate but with empower network the $25 buy in level is the WUSSY level, and they will tell you so every day until you upgrade to the $100 a month level. recently I became an isaganix distributor and have now discovered that there are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of empower network people masquerading as reps from other companies and putting up ads like “learn how to explode your isagenix business”, but of course when you click on the ad the way to explode your isagenix business is obviously to join empower network. Underhanded and annoying as hell but it is a clever strategy. doubt I’ll be rejoining though.

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