The Power of a Challenge: How to Handle a “No”


If you asked my brother or my sister if I was spoiled as a kid, I’m betting they’d probably say yes. My mom didn’t like telling me no. Come to think of it, does any mother like to tell her children no? I’m not a mother yet, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m betting not.

As children, we don’t respond very well to the word “no.” I’ve seen little ones kicking and screaming in supermarkets over that simple 2-letter word. What is it about hearing the word “no” that drives us to strive twice as hard for a “yes“?

I think the answer lies in the power of a challenge. Several companies have learned to capitalize on this concept. Body by Vi markets a “90-day challenge” because the word “challenge” itself makes people want to do it. It’s smart marketing, but it’s also applicable to your own life.

I saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook wall not too long ago:

“If you want me to do something, then tell me I can’t do it.”

You know the feeling. Someone tells you you’ll never accomplish that goal you’ve set out to accomplish, and it makes you want to accomplish it even more. And once you do, you can’t help but want them to find out that you did it, right? It’s like when your boyfriend breaks up with you because he thinks you’re fat, so you decide to do whatever it takes to get skinny. Then he comes crawling back 6 months later and it’s your turn to tell him no.” That’s gotta feel good…

I feel like that sometimes. A few nights ago, a woman on Facebook told me that it was unrealistic for me to think that I’d ever make millions in network marketing. She basically said that if I thought I’d succeed in this industry, I was fooling myself. 90% of network marketers quit, probably because they get tired of hearing the word “no.” But not me. That woman’s comment made me want to succeed that much more. And I’m convinced that’s the only way to make it in this business.

When someone tells you “no,” don’t retreat into a corner and cry about the fact that you don’t get enough yeses to sustain you. Channel the anger you feel toward the mention of that 2-letter word into more effort. 

I’m not saying to start kicking and screaming like an angry kid in a supermarket. I’m simply saying to turn that “no” into a “yes.” That person who told you “no” just gave you the green light to go after your dream that much harder.

Network marketing veterans say that the more “no’s” you get, the better off you are. Why? Because this business is a numbers game. If you aren’t getting enough “no’s” then you aren’t telling enough people. So when you hear a “no,” don’t kick and scream. Don’t argue. Thank the person for being upfront with you and quietly move on. Talk to someone else. If they say “no,” repeat the process. Repeat it over and over again. Out of 10 “no’s” you’re bound to get at least one who says the magic word….



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