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Miley-Cyrus-OutfitsI just spent the last 20 minutes weeping in a room alone…

Jereme and I decided to watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night. We don’t normally get into awards shows, but he wanted to see if the powers that be in the music industry would use the show to push their satanic agendas. And I must admit that after all the stunts I’ve seen during the Grammy’s and Superbowl halftime shows over the past few years, I was intrigued as well.

In the interest of keeping it real, let me just go ahead and put this out there: When I say “the powers that be,” I’m talking about the Illuminati.

If you’re familiar with that term, you either totally get what I’m about to say, or you’re thinking we’re just a couple of crazy conspiracy theorists who talk about things that aren’t really happening because we’ve lost our minds.

If you are not familiar with the Illuminati, I suggest you do some research, and you can decide for yourself whether you think we’re insane. But if you’re a Christian and you believe what the Bible says, consider this: when Noah was building the ark, I’m willing to bet that everyone around him was calling him crazy, laughing at him for doing what God told him to do, and saying things like, “rain? what’s that? I’ve never seen it, so it must not exist … you’re insane, Noah … haha, can’t fix stupid …”

Until the flood came, and God wiped out every single person on the earth except for Noah and his family.

Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the world’s first ever “conspiracy theorist?” Too bad he turned out to be right…

The VMAs were full of Illuminati symbolism. I’m not going to get into that here, as I’m sure some experts will cover it better than I could over the next few days. If you’re interested in learning more about that, I suggest doing a YouTube search and watching a few videos. My focus for this post, and the reason I just spent the last 20 minutes weeping, is the VMA final performance by Miley Cyrus. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. There is some very graphic imagery that’s unsuitable for children contained in that video. Consider yourself warned.

I’m sure most of you would say the whole thing is very typical for Miley. She tends to go over the top in all of her performances, which I believe makes her the perfect candidate to push the satanic agenda that’s patiently perched behind the scenes. Whether or not she’s fully aware of said agenda is yet to be determined.

I was absolutely disgusted by her performance. After the show ended, all I could do was pray and read the red letters of Jesus before struggling to fall asleep. From the lyrics of the song (read them here) and her distorted facial expressions while singing, to the half-naked drag queens performing explicit sexual dance moves on stage, the whole thing made me want to vomit ten times over.

But what makes me want to vomit even more is that we live in a world full of people who have become completely numb to what’s going on around us. The fact that this kind of thing even airs on TV channels that our children watch, and the fact that they can get access to it anytime afterwards by doing a simple Internet search, and the fact that we allow it without even flinching, is just sickening.

Also, the blatant rainbow symbolism displayed throughout the entire awards show makes me wonder why God has shown us mercy for as long as He has. That’s an extremely humbling realization for which I’m incredibly thankful … but it still baffles me. First, we take it upon ourselves to redefine His definition of marriage as a holy union between a man and a woman—an institution created and ordained by God to reflect His own relationship to His bride, the church. Then, we slap Him in the face by taking the very token of his covenant with Noah after the flood—the rainbow—and putting it up all over the White House and our own Facebook profile photos, as a symbol of gay pride. Last night’s show, ended by Miley’s disgusting performance, just took it to a whole new level.

(By the way, I wonder who picked out Taylor Swift’s outfit…)

Taylor Swift VMAs 2015

But I digress…

What really puts the icing on the cake is the fact that Christians all over America have chosen to remain silent—myself included—but not anymore.

Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not here to preach doom and gloom, contrary to what the beginning of this post might have implied. I am here, however, to speak the truth. Out of fear of offending those around me and suffering persecution, I’ve kept my mouth shut about the things that God is revealing to me for far too long. He’s been asking me to speak up for months now, and I’ve ignored Him. I’ve become more and more depressed while remaining in my silent bubble and watching the unknowing, impoverished souls around me perish. I’ve struggled with my purpose in this life, wondering how much longer I’ll have to toil endlessly for dollar bills that are soon to become completely worthless when our economy collapses (and I’m predicting, along with other top experts, that it will happen in the next month or two).

I’m not going to sit idly by and wait for Jesus’ return anymore. It could happen at any moment—and I’m expecting it to—but in the meantime, my purpose is clear. I’m not sure how He will use it, but if He’s asking me to speak up, I’m betting that He will.

This blog is my ministry. I’m using it to proclaim the Gospel—God’s love, His mercy, His grace, His peace, His sovereignty, and yes, His justice and His wrath, too. I think we have a tendency to focus on the warm and fuzzies of Christianity—the things that make us comfortable, the parts of the Bible that make us feel good and keep us safe inside our bubbles. We ignore the fact that God wiped out entire populations in the Old Testament on more than one occasion. We ignore the fact that Jesus said things like “No man can come to me, except it were given unto him of my Father” (John 6:65)—a pride-smashing statement that immediately caused many disciples to walk away from him in verse 66.

We ignore the hard stuff.

I’m going to use the time I have left here on this earth to talk about and wrestle with the hard stuff. The stuff we prefer to ignore out of fear. I’m going to slap fear in the face by asking questions that will take many people out of their comfort zones, and I’m going to attempt to find out what the Word—my two-edged sword in these times of war—says about the answers. I’m not going to worry about offending people. If you don’t like what I have to say, take it up with the God I worship. I’m merely doing what He has asked me to do, and there’s no reason to shoot the messenger. (Unless you just really need someone to blame, because you can’t take responsibility for your own human nature.)

Again, I must reiterate that I’m not here to preach doom and gloom. As much as we see God’s wrath on display throughout Scripture, we also see His love. There is hope for many people in this dark and dying world, and that hope is Jesus. God sent him to be the Savior of humanity. I believe that with all of my heart, because I’ve experienced it for myself. And my hope is that you will experience it too.

But I don’t believe we have much time left. As quickly as things have progressed in the last 20 years of my life, I’m confident that the time of Jesus’ return is very near.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matthew 24:36)

We are living in the days of Noah, folks. Pay attention to what’s going on, pray, read your Bible, and you’ll sense it just as I do. I think that sense has driven me to search the Scriptures now more than ever before. I have a thirst and hunger for his Word that I haven’t had since I first got saved. He has ignited something fierce in me—a mustard seed—if you will, and my job is to plant it. I expect to suffer persecution, but my hope is in the knowledge that He will use the words He has given me to bless someone who comes across this website. Even if it’s only one person, we will rejoice together for eternity!

The Lord takes priority over everything else in my life, and with that, so does this ministry. The time I spend searching, reading and sharing matters more than making a living, especially since money is worthless anyway. No longer will I use work as an excuse to delay sharing the words that God puts on my heart. I know that if I simply rest in Him, He will provide. Last night, I was wrestling with my job and my purpose in life. I’ve been asking God what I should be doing with my time here and was immediately comforted and reminded by John 6 to simply put my trust in him:

Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent. (John 6: 28-29)

So, as implied in the title of this post, if you’re an avid reader of my blog (I know there’s a few of you out there in the universe) brace yourself. It’s about to get real, y’all.

Stay tuned for more binge blogging, shortly…


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  1. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting to blog again. I also struggle with what to do in light of the fact that our time is most likely shorter than previously believed. I’m not filled with fear for myself as I used to be, but I am fearful for those who are blind to the truth. I don’t understand how one can stand under the dark storm clouds and refuse to see what’s happening.

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