How to Curb Unhealthy Food Cravings


Are you addicted to junk food? Do you find yourself craving sweet and salty snacks throughout the day, even after you’ve eaten a full meal? Imagine this scenario: You eat one potato chip, which leads to another, and another, and another, until you find yourself saying “wow, these things are addictive!” after having consumed half a bag. And when you get through the whole bag, you want to go to the vending machine and buy another one. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. It happens to the best of us. Even those of us who think we “eat healthy” find ourselves craving unhealthy foods or sodas to satisfy our salt or sugar addiction. The problem, as I’ve demonstrated, is that we are never satisfied.

Why are we never satisfied? Some might tell you that you’re hungry because you’re not taking in enough calories. But if that were the case, why are so many of us still hungry after consuming high-calorie foods? First, it might be wise to define the difference between being hungry and simply wanting to eat.

When you’re hungry, you have the hunger pangs to prove it. When you simply want to eat, you might have a food addiction or food cravings that you associate with hunger, even though your stomach is full. In most cases, when we crave junk food, it’s because we simply want┬áto eat. Not because we need to. So the first step in curbing unhealthy food cravings is realizing that 9 times out of 10, you’re probably not hungry at all.

But what if you are hungry? What if, shortly after eating what you’d consider a full 400-600 calorie meal, and a piece of cake for dessert, you stomach is still crying out to you for help? Why would that happen? Because hunger does not result from a lack of calories. Hunger results from a lack of absorbable nutrients that your body needs at a cellular level. Your body needs 90 essential nutrients a day. When it gets them, it no longer craves unhealthy food. So, how do you curb unhealthy food cravings? Simple. Give your body the nutrients it needs.

The fact is, that’s very difficult, if not impossible, to do on a regular American diet. Even if you shop organic and are bound and determined to “eat healthy,” our food sources are so depleted from chemical toxicity that most foods today don’t contain the amount of nutrients they used to. And even if they did, most of us don’t get the amount, nor the variety, of whole food nutrients that our body needs daily.

That’s why supplementing your diet with quality, whole food supplements is necessary. Quality supplements will be sourced from organic foods and won’t contain anything chemical or synthetic. Click here to learn more about the ones that I use.


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