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Touchstone Essentials Natural Skin Care Bundle GiveawayI am thrilled to announce that I’ve decided to partner with Touchstone Essentials for an exciting giveaway! I have been a Touchstone Member for over a year now, and absolutely love their products, especially the PureBody Detox Extra Strength. When I got pregnant with Indie, I had been using a detox system from another company, but it required me to stop eating for 2 days, and when you’re pregnant, you can’t just give up food! So I was especially excited that I had found a way to cleanse my body from environmental toxins on a daily basis and still be able to eat.

I recently tried the company’s Super Serum and Super Skin+ Complex, and I absolutely love it. I’ve been using the Serum religiously, twice a day — morning and night after cleansing my face — for about 2 months now. My face used to break out pretty badly once a month (right around the time those female hormones start raging), but since I began using this, I haven’t had a single breakout. My skin feels smoother, more hydrated, and has a more balanced tone. I didn’t really have any wrinkles (I’m only 31!), so it’s hard to say from personal experience how effective it is at diminishing their appearance, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing before and after photos from the company’s initial 90-day skin trial. Like this one:


Touchstone Essentials Super Serum Ingredients

The thing that attracted me most to this Super Serum is the fact that it’s all natural. Formulated without parabens, petroleum-based chemicals, sulfates, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, mineral oil, phthalates, silicones, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances, it contains a proprietary plant phytonutrient blend of blue-green algae, flower pollen, beet root extract and cruciferous sprouts, all of which deliver a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes to nourish skin and protect it from the effects of sun and daily stress.

Those of you who read my blog know that I am pretty health-conscious, and I believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes into it. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it also happens to be extremely porous. Did you know that if you put a clove of garlic between your toes, you’ll taste its flavor within seconds? (Go ahead… try it!) That’s how quickly your skin absorbs the elements it comes into contact with. Most skin care products on the market today are loaded with toxic chemicals, which, short-time might serve to mask your skin woes, but over the long-term will likely do more damage to your body than good.

Speaking of what goes into your body…

Bonus! Super Skin+ Complex Antioxidant Drink Mix

Not only has Touchstone Essentials partnered with me to give away the Serum; we are also giving away the Super Skin+ Complex antioxidant drink mix. While treating your skin from the outside in, you can transform it from the inside out with this delicious drink, which delivers potent antioxidants to protect skin cells against the primary environmental factors that age skin. It contains tocotrienols, also known as “Super Vitamin E,” which are sourced from palm fruit and are faster at fighting free-radical damage than regular vitamin E. It also contains astaxanthin, which supports the production of new collagen. The delicious, berry-flavored drink is naturally sweetened and has only 12 calories per serving! And it really is delicious…

You can drink the Super Skin+ with meals or as an in-between snack. You can also replace your sports drink with it, before or after a workout, for optimal muscle recovery. And, if you’re like me and you work on a computer all day, it’s a great way to help you recover from eye fatigue. Kids love it too! Replace that sugary juice or diet soda with this stuff as a healthier alternative; they won’t even taste the difference…

How to Enter

I’m using Rafflecopter to host this giveaway to make it easy to keep track of entries. To enter, simply use the form below. You can come back once a day for multiple entries to increase your chances of winning. Two winners will be drawn on Monday of each week and will be notified by email or through Facebook (depending on what you use to log into the form.) Questions? Email me at info [at]selwaluke [dot]com! Good luck. 🙂

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If you’d like more information on Touchstone Essentials or this product, click here to visit my Member website.


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