What it Really Means to Be Healthy

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“It’s amazing to think about how the body functions. Every time I think about it, every time I ponder it’s complexity, I’m reminded of how good our God really is.”

The dictionary defines health as, “the state of being free from illness or injury.” Recently, I learned that it’s so much more than that.

Most people think that if they look good and feel good, in general, they must be healthy. In other words, “if I don’t feel sick, then I must not be sick.”

Or maybe you’ve heard it said this way: “As long as I eat right and exercise regularly, don’t smoke cigarettes and don’t abuse alcohol or drugs, I’ll be healthy.”

But if that were true, then how do we explain the woman who chain smokes her whole life and lives cancer-free and disease-free beyond the age of 90? (Trust me, it’s happened.)

And how do we explain the vegan athlete who suffers a heart attack at the age of 30?

Most would say these are rare coincidences, and perhaps in our society, they are rare. But I learned very early on that there’s really no such thing as coincidence.

Let’s start by doing what any person with a Master’s Degree in English would do and examine the word “health.” Have you ever noticed that the first 4 letters spell HEAL?

The true definition of health is your body’s ability to heal itself. If you are healthy, your body’s immune system — the system by which it heals itself — is functioning at maximum levels. And that’s not always easy to measure by how well you feel on the inside or how well you look on the outside.

What Controls Your Body’s Immune System?

The same system that controls every other system in your body: your nervous system. The brain and spinal cord matrix sends messages via nerves out to all of your other organs that control their function. If your spine is not properly aligned, it can put pressure on those nerves that are connected to your organs and cause them to malfunction.

Your spinal alignment can be assessed and corrected by a chiropractic doctor. Before I started seeing a chiropractor, I thought chiropractic care was only necessary for people with “bad backs,” or conditions like sciatica. I didn’t think I needed to be adjusted. Now, our chiropractor has become our family doctor. Indie, Jereme and I get adjusted weekly, and we can see, via X-rays, how well our body’s organs are functioning. We don’t just look and feel healthy. We are healthy. (I truly believe I owe the ease of my home birth to the chiropractic care I received in my third trimester of pregnancy.)

Does that mean we never get sick? Of course not. But when we do catch a cold, or when we start to feel even a tad under the weather, our bodies are strong enough to heal themselves. We believe wholeheartedly in our immune system’s ability to function at maximum levels — so much so that we’ve chosen not to vaccinate our daughter. She might get the flu. She might even get the measles. But I won’t panic, because I believe our Lord allows these diseases to exist for a reason. He knows that if we contract them, they will only serve to strengthen our immune systems even more as they work hard to fight them off.

As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

You can’t rid the world of disease, no matter how hard you try. We’ve been trying for years, and it seems like all of our so-called remedies only serve to introduce more disease into the world. Cancer, autoimmune conditions, chronic illness — things we like to tell ourselves are “genetic disorders,” are more likely a result of the poisons we choose to inject our bodies with in the name of “protection” and “security.” How long before we realize these things are nothing but illusions?

It’s amazing to think about how the body functions. Every time I think about it, every time I ponder its complexity, I’m reminded of how good our God really is. He is the reason babies know as soon as they come out of the womb that they must suckle the breast to receive nourishment. He is the reason babies figure out how to roll over, sit up, crawl and walk on their own, all of which happened naturally before we invented things like Boppy Pillows, Bumbo Seats and Exersaucers (none of which I plan to utilize in aiding my child’s motor development; I trust she’ll get there on her own, in time.)

He is the one true artist.

At what point did we stop trusting in his perfect design? I suppose it happened in the Garden of Eden when Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I’m thankful that He made a way to redeem us from that knowledge. I’m thankful that no matter how much I think I can do it better than Him, He always proves me wrong.

We are all going to leave this earth one day. We might as well do our best to make the most of our time here by staying healthy. I encourage anyone reading this to figure out what that means to you, and make it happen.


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  1. Ashley Biggins on

    couldn’t have said this better myself. i feel like you literally tom the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

    • Glad this resonated with you Ashley! Us chiro patients gotta stick together. 😉 Thanks for the comment.

  2. Melissa Alvarez on

    I’m loving your perspective. Great writing, as always. And duh, awesome song. Let’s get a grandma roll soon. Ill let indie puke on me so you can enjoy your roll with two hands

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