To the Man With the Squinty Eyes…


Jereme & Indie

Everyone thought Indie had your eyes. But we recently compared my baby picture to hers and we learned that they were mine. She looks more like me than I thought she would, given your strong genes. She even has my serious expression.

But I sincerely hope she has your heart.

Your squinty eyes make you look like you’re always smiling. Even when you’re angry. Like in your mug shot. (Sorry, I had to — you know I love you babe!)

I think it’s because you are always smiling. No matter what crap the world throws at you, you manage to answer with a smile. I used to get angry that you smiled so much. Truth is, I was just jealous.

And now our daughter gets to be jealous too, because she inherited my bitchy resting face. But I know she’ll have your heart. I know, because I pray for it every day, and God answers prayer.

You’re a rebel, and I love you for it. Some people might label you a “crazy conspiracy theorist.” You’ve even lost friends on Facebook for sharing hard truths. But I will stand by you in the toughest of times, and I’ll do it proudly, because I know that everything you do comes out of a heart that’s filled with God’s grace and love.

Jesus was a rebel in his time. He was labeled a “friend of sinners” and shunned for being so. He didn’t just lose friends for telling the truth; he lost his life. In the most painfully gruesome way a man could lose his life. Still, he stands by us — even the very men who killed him and persecute his people — because his nature is full of grace and love.

Our marriage is a reflection of God’s relationship to his children. We will love each other as he has loved us.

Thank you for being an amazing husband and father to our child.

Thank you for making us smile.

Thank you for being you.

I see Jesus in you.

Oh, and P.S. — I think you’re pretty sexy. Maybe it’s the squinty eyes…


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