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Oskar Blues puppyIf you don’t recognize the format of this blog title, think back to high school SAT prep. The phrase above is an analogy that reads in English as:

Dog is to Human as Human is to God.

Did you notice that dog is “God” spelled backwards? After getting a puppy, I don’t believe this is coincidence…

I didn’t grow up with dogs. Up until earlier this year, I didn’t really like dogs much. When owners would cry after having to put their dog down, I remember thinking I must be going to hell for being so apathetic about the situation, because really, “its just a dog!”

Yes, I’ll admit it. That’s what I used to think, and I’m terribly ashamed. Just a dog?!? I don’t know how I ever uttered those words in my entire life.

Jereme (my husband) and I recently got a black maltese, shih tzu and poodle mix named Oskar Blues (like the brewery). He is absolutely adorable and has become the third love of my life (next to Jesus and Jereme, of course.) As I type this, he’s rolling around on the floor playing with a blue t-shirt that we gave him to chew on shortly after welcoming him into our home.

His brothers, Mumford and Samson, and his sister, Sophie, all live in Charlotte. Mumford and Samson belong to my nephew and my brother (respectively). Sophie was adopted by another woman who was taken by how insanely cute and wonderful these little furry friends are when she saw a photograph, and she had to have one herself.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER in a million years thought I would EVER own a dog. But as each day passes, I love this precious furry animal more than I ever thought possible. It’s as if my heart grows exponentially to make room for the love that I feel as I watch him grow up.

He’s like a child to me. Like a tiny, furry person who can’t talk, but it’s okay because he listens. He knows when I’m in distress and licks my face to comfort me.

When he’s done something wrong, he’ll cower down in a corner, and paw the top of his face with his little sad eyes looking up at me, as if to say “I love you mommy. Please forgive me.”

When he gets hurt, that little yipe sound he makes just breaks my heart and makes me want to cry for him.

When I get up and walk out of a room, he follows me and stands at the door, waiting for me to return, and when I do, he’s ready with a toy in his mouth, as if to say “mommy let’s play!”

He’s a beautiful picture of the relationship that we as humans and children of God should have to our Lord. When we do something wrong, we should seek His forgiveness. When we are hurt, we should go to Him in prayer and know that He’ll listen. We should follow him and stand at his feet, ready and waiting to see what his next move will be in our lives and eager to obey his commands (even in the absence of rewards or “treats”).

Instead, in the busy-ness of life, we grow distant and cold, thinking of God as some faraway being rather than our close friend and Father.

Dog is to human as human is to God. I’m so very thankful for this reminder in my life every day. Jereme and I decided to get a puppy so that we could have the experience of caring for something that was unable to care for itself. It’s one of the best decisions we ever made, and one that I believe prepares us more and more each day for the journey of parenthood.


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  1. Awesome post! My dad has made this comparison many times. Working at home gets lonely but my dog is my constant companion. He sits on the deck each night looking out for us and always has a snuggle when we’re sick or downhearted. I do believe God meant to show us through these precious critters what true loyalty and devotion – the kind we ought to have for Him – looks like. 🙂

    • Right on Christy! Glad you liked the post. There is definitely a divine purpose for these cute little animals. They are some of the most loyal and devoted creatures on the planet. Whenever I work from home Oskar is right there at my feet the whole time. It’s a great feeling.

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