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Liebster blog award So, I was nominated for my first blog award. Pretty cool. I’m embarrassed to say that I received the nomination on March 23 and I’m just now sitting down to accept it. But, in my defense, I had a baby on April 1 who is currently almost 4 months old, and my hands have been very full.

Thank you, Carmody Tisdale, over at Paper & Fox, for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award!

Since Indie was born, I’ve become even more passionate about blogging. I want to write everything down now that she’s part of my world, which is why I’m more than happy to accept this nomination — it’s another excuse to blog! Not only that. The Liebster Award is a great way for bloggers to connect with other bloggers. In fact, it’s an award that’s given to bloggers by bloggers. The whole idea is to build the blog community by helping other bloggers get noticed. When you get nominated, and you accept, you’re essentially giving a nod to the person who nominated you, and paying it forward by nominating others as well. Per the instructions given to me by Carmody, I’ve chosen 11 other bloggers to nominate (listed below.) If you’re on my list, follow these steps to “accept” your award:

  1. Read my answers to the 11 questions selected by the blogger who nominated me.
  2. Find 11 bloggers with less than 500 followers to nominate for the award.
  3. Write a post on your blog featuring the Liebster Award and include in your post answers to my questions below.
  4. After you have written your post, comment on each of your nominee’s blogs telling them that you have nominated them.

Note: Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if a blogger has less than 500 followers. I could have reached out to each of these individual bloggers and asked them, but I felt that might ruin the surprise of being nominated, so I used my best judgment based on stats from Facebook accounts, twitter accounts and the number of followers listed on bloglovin’. I was also pretty picky when it came to choosing my nominees (another reason why it took me a while to write this post.) I wanted to make sure the bloggers I chose were in the habit of blogging pretty regularly.

Thanks again, Carmody at Paper & Fox for the nomination! Please accept my apologies for taking so long to accept. Here are my answers to Carmody’s questions:

1. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging for work back in 2010 when I landed my first job as a content writer for an air and water filter company. I really enjoyed it, so I started a personal blog for fun. Since then, I’ve gone back and forth between blogging for fun and blogging for business. I continue to blog because I like writing, it’s therapeutic, and, since having a baby, keeping a record of things that happen has become especially important to me.

2. What city do you love to visit? Mint Hill. (Actually, that’s a town, but close enough, right?) It’s where my mom lives. I frequent her house for a home-cooked Arabic meal quite often.

3.  Favorite song? “Yellow,” by Coldplay. I actually used to hate that song when it was all over the radio. At the time, I didn’t even know it was a Coldplay song. Years later, after becoming a loyal Coldplay fan (don’t judge me), I listened to the lyrics and fell in love with it.

4.  Secret habit? If I tell you, then it won’t be a secret. 🙂

5. What was the first blog you started to follow? Grit and Glamour

6. What is your favorite post you have written (please link)? My daughter’s birth story.

7. Have you ever written a post that you thought was going to be a success, but it wasn’t? If so, link the post in your answer. That depends on what you mean by “success.” In my mind, if I enjoyed writing a blog and still enjoy reading it long after it’s written, then it was a success. By that definition, I’d have to say no to this question.

8. Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspiration from a few places: God, my husband, my daughter and other blogs that I follow.

9. What interest do you have other than blogging? I’m also a singer-songwriter.

10. What other social media outlets do you use? Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Occasionally I browse Pinterest for recipes, but I don’t use it as often as the others. Oh yeah, and I also just recently joined Bloglovin‘. If you’re a blogger, you should be on there. And you should follow me.

11. Where do you see your blog one year from today? I not-so-secretly hope to become Internet-famous as a mommy blogger. (Kidding… sort of…) But whether that happens or not, I see my blog having lots more content for others to read and share and for me to look back on and reminisce over, 5 or 10 years later.

Selwa Luke’s Liebster Nominees:

9 Months and Beyond
Ruffling Feathers
Tides of the Mind
Forever After Blog
Playing the Music of Life
Lather. Write. Repeat.
Mama Case
Nesting Elm
Live, Love, Simple
You, Me & The Kid
Flora & Fauna

And, here are my questions for the nominees:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What motivates you the most to continue blogging on a regular basis?

3. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written (please link)?

4. Favorite color?

5. Of the blogs you follow, which are your top 3 favorites (please link)?

6. What other blogs have you written for besides your own?

7. What interests do you have, other than blogging?

8. What is your #1 goal as a blogger?

9. What’s the top item on your bucket list?

10. Who is your biggest inspiration?

11. What’s your favorite topic to blog about?


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  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for the nomination! I will get this on board with my next post. thanks for visiting my blog, and i look forward to getting to know yours. musician mamas have to band together ; )

    • Lyssa – that’s right! I was so excited to find another mama musician out there in the blogosphere. I’m looking forward to reading your next post and will be on the lookout for it. 🙂

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