10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Post-Pregnancy


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selwa luke pregnantI’ve got about 5 weeks left in my pregnancy and people keep asking me if I’m “ready.” My answer is always the same: physically, yes. It’s getting harder and harder to carry all of this extra weight. But mentally, emotionally and financially, no. Besides that, Indie needs to make it to 36 weeks for us to have a home birth, so I’m praying she stays put for at least another week (though my body has been signaling to me lately that she may be arriving earlier than expected.) I also have a few showers happening on March 16th and 20th, so I’d like for her to come after those dates, if possible so we can at least get what we need before she’s born. But I guess we’ll see. It’s not my decision after all.

I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. Though I’ll miss the little kicks and squirms inside my belly and the feeling of anticipation at the thought of meeting our baby girl, there are so many things I’ll be able to enjoy again, once she’s made her entrance into the world. For example:

1. Losing 40 pounds. I’ve never been able to say “I lost 40 pounds!” before, because I’ve always been the same size. 5’2″ and roughly 100 lbs. And as I said before, it’s getting really hard to walk, do dishes, bend over, etc. while I’m carrying all of this extra weight.

2. Walking like a normal person. Let’s face it: we aren’t ducks. Humans were not meant to waddle.

3. Feeling a sense of relief after peeing. As soon as I stand up from a toilet, I feel like I need to sit back down again. I swear this child’s head is resting right on my already-tiny bladder.

4. Not being constipated anymore. (Aaaaaand… I’m done talking about my bathroom activities now.)

5. ¬†High-intensity exercise. Walking around the neighborhood at what feels like snail speed is kind of boring. I’m ready to break a sweat again.

6. Drinking beer. Okay so I admit it. I’ve had a few alcoholic beverages while pregnant. Wine and craft beer are hard to resist, especially when your husband is so good at brewing it. But when you have to nurse it really slowly because you don’t want to drink too much and risk giving your baby Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it’s just not the same.

7. Enjoying Chick Fil A. Being pregnant messed up my tastebuds. Who doesn’t like Chick Fil A?!¬†Apparently me, when I’m pregnant.

8. Wearing heels. And normal clothes. I work in the fashion retail industry and I haven’t been able to wear fashionable clothing since my belly started poking out. Maternity clothes aren’t really fashionable. A Pea in the Pod has some cute stuff, but it’s so damn expensive. I can’t wait to dress up and feel pretty again.

9. Seeing Jereme be a dad to our little girl.¬†Sometimes I want to cry when I watch him with our puppy. I’m sure I’ll fall in love all over again when I see him with Indie. Bring on the tears.

10. Holding my sweet baby skin-to-skin. I can’t wait to be a mom.


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