Happy 3 Months, Indie!


Our little girl turned 3 months old today!

I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months…

She’s grown so much in so little time. Here is one of my favorites from our mini photo shoot this morning… 3 month old baby

And just for comparison, this is her at 2 months…

2 month old baby girl

At one month…

1 month old baby girl

And at birth.

newborn baby girl

Indie, you have stolen my heart. I love watching you sleep…

baby girl sleepingAnd waking up to your smiling face makes every morning better…

baby and mom cosleeping

Now that I work from home, we spend every day together, but you sure are happy when your daddy gets home. You’re definitely a daddy’s girl…

daddy's girl

Watching him love you just melts my heart.

The past three months have been full of “firsts.” You…

Fell asleep in Toto’s arms while he attempted to give you an anatomy lesson…

Toto and Indie

Spent lots of time with your proud Taita…

Taita and Indie

Met your Great Uncle Ghassan for the first time…

Great Uncle and baby girl

Had your first girls’ night at aunt Kelli’s house…

Kelli and Indie

Took your first vacation to Hilton Head, SC where you slept most days while mama and daddy danced on the beach, lounged by the pool and drank lots of good craft beer and pina coladas. You had so much fun with Nana, Papa and the rest of the fam.

beach baby

You watched your cousins as they swam in the water, but you didn’t envy them, because next year, you’ll be right where they were!

kids in the sand

You also celebrated your cousin Gabe’s first birthday at Aunt Naida and Uncle Al’s house in Matthews!

baby first birthday cake coma

He was in a bit of a cake coma.

You also took your first paci. But not for long. You spit it out pretty quickly and continue to do so anytime we attempt to put it in your mouth. You definitely prefer the natural nipple over silicone. I don’t mind though. As hard as it was in the beginning, I’ve actually come to love nursing you. I’ll take any excuse to hold you close…

Indie takes a paci

As far as developmental milestones go, I’m not really sure if you’re behind the curve or ahead of it, but it doesn’t really matter. You’re smiling and cooing a lot these days and you’ve discovered sucking on your fingers as a soothing mechanism between feedings. I know you’ll learn to roll over, sit up, crawl and walk in your own time, and I’ll be right by your side as it happens. We discovered very quickly that assisted sitting isn’t really your thing, as you didn’t take too kindly to Gabe’s Bumbo Seat…

baby Bumbo Seat

We love you so much, and Oskar loves you too. (Even though he gets jealous from time to time…)

Oskar Blues and Indie Grace

Happy 3 months little one.

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”— William Shakespeare


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