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You’re growing up fast, and I want to make sure I capture as much as I can. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything on this poor, neglected blog, and I already feel like I’ve forgotten so much. Now that you’re two, I’m going to challenge myself to write more. At least once a month. (I’d try for once a week, but let’s be realistic here. I’m a mom of two now, with a full-time job and lots of freelance work, and there are only so many hours in a day.)

I remember the first time I heard you say, “luv-oo mama.” My heart melted into a giant pile of goo. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened to Jereme when he heard you say, “luv-oo daddy.”

And then your brother was born, and you started saying it to him too. . .

“Luv-oo Kale.”

In the words of a modern teenager: I. can’t. even.

You say thank you anytime someone gives you something and bless you anytime someone sneezes. And lately, you’ve started apologizing for the littlest things. It’s not one of those fearful apologies, like you’re scared we’re going to yell at you for doing something wrong. It’s a simple “I sawwy,” because you genuinely care that you may have unintentionally hurt someone—even when all you did was spill something or drop one of your toys on the floor.

You’re such a sweet, caring, loving person. It blows my mind. You definitely got that from your daddy. 😉

And it makes me so happy. I remember praying while I was pregnant with you that you’d have his personality. Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that happened exactly. You’ve got a lot of sass—and there’s no doubt that came from me. But you also have an incredibly sensitive, kind heart. Those two traits combined are a pretty sure sign that you’re gonna do amazing things in this world.


“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

You already love so fiercely. I’d like to think it’s a reflection of the love we’ve shown you. And the love we’ve shown you is most certainly a reflection of the love we’ve been shown.

Here are some of the things you love most at this point in your life:

Bananas, applesauce, and chicken sausage. You have all 3 for breakfast almost every day. We usually have to bribe you to eat your eggs.

Maamoul cookies. Your Taita bakes them for you, and you cry whenever we run out. Not to worry though; she’ll be back soon with another batch!

Mummies.” (Translation: Juice Plus gummies.) You demand them every single morning. No complaints here, since they’re so good for you!

Kale. Your brother and the vegetable. (Notice how the first four things on this list are food? You’re definitely a foodie. Good thing your dad’s one helluva cook . . .

And you’re one helluva big sister.


Reading stories. In your words, “one mo’ to-wee, den go bed.” (Translation: one more story, then it’s time to go to bed.)

Kisses. You give them out randomly and ask for them whenever you have a “wah-wah”.

Lightning McQueen & Tow Mater. Cars and Cars 2 are staples on our TV. You watch them at least once a day.

Nemo. Another staple on our TV. (Did I mention how awesome it is that I now have an excuse to watch Disney/Pixar movies whenever I want? Thanks, #indieluke!)

Dancing. “Go Indie. Go Indie. Go Indie. Go Indie…” You like to cheer yourself on while you do it. It might be the cutest thing ever.

Spending QT with mama and daddy. Which usually means sitting on the floor in your room and playing with your puzzles and toys. I’m quite certain that quality time is your love language. You seem so much happier on days when I neglect my work to spend a few extra hours with you. (Sorry, FamilyArc . . .)

Playing outside. You have a very specific routine. First, we “go fo-wide ‘n a ‘trower.” (Translation: go for a ride in the stroller). Then, you like to take your Radio Flyer tricycle down the sidewalk until you get tired. That usually happens shortly after the road starts to curve uphill. After that, you ask to “go fuh ca-wide” (translation: go for a car ride) where you often fall asleep . . .


For the 22nd time today… “luv-oo Indie.” You bring so much joy to my heart.


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