To the Boy Who Just Turned 3…


My son … it’s been a while since I’ve written you a letter. In fact, I think my first and only letter to you on this blog was written 2 years ago right around your first birthday.

We’ve been through a lot since then. Here are a few highlights:

We lived with Nana and Papa for a few months during the transition after the sale of our first home. You took your first steps while we were there…

We made it through apartment life. You slept in our bed for 14 months while we lived in the two-bedroom unit at The Fountains Matthews. Your crib was stationed right next to our bed, but you always seemed to want to crawl into our comfy king-size (and I can’t say that I blame you!)

You made it through your first round of ISR (Infant Swim Rescue) lessons. Floating was “not your favorite,” but by the end of your second summer, you were swimming pretty well.

We are looking forward to the next round of lessons this year.

In January of last year, I found out I was pregnant. We knew our lives were about to radically change with three kids, but first priority was finding a bigger space. The two-bedroom apartment simply wasn’t gonna cut it anymore. So in March, we started house-hunting. I still need to write the blog about how Yahweh blessed us with a brand new house. Until then, I’ll just say that you and your sister were troopers through a transition that was, no doubt, very hard on a kid your age.

Long story short: our apartment lease was up in June, but the construction of our house would not be finished until August. So, we essentially moved twice in a space of two months, staying with our friends, the Fabbri’s for six weeks and then with my parents for three until we closed on our house, August 21.

(We are SO grateful for the people who assisted us through this storm of life. Being VERY pregnant and moving twice in the heat of summer with two toddlers is rough, y’all. Thank you to everyone who helped us move and gave us a bed to sleep in while we eagerly awaited the completion of our home.)

Change can be hard on children who thrive on stability and routines. I continued to nurse you throughout my pregnancy with Haddie, because there wasn’t really a “good” time to wean you. You were still nursing when I found out I was pregnant, and I didn’t want to make this transition period anymore difficult than it already was.

Nursing while pregnant is hard, but, honestly, I regret nothing. You still nurse to sleep at night, which I’m perfectly happy with. I know some people might say it’s “weird” or “gross” to breastfeed a 3-year-old, but the World Health Organization recommends that children are breastfed for at least 2 years; it’s great for your immune system – in fact, this past flu season hardly affected you at all despite being around multiple kids who were sick. And in other cultures, it’s perfectly normal for children to wean at ages 3, 4, or even later¬†… (That’s definitely not to say that you will go for that long.)

Confession: we kind of forgot your birthday this year. 🤷🏻‍♀️😕😔

Okay, well maybe “forgot” is the wrong word. We knew it was coming. In fact, we had been talking about celebrating both you and your sister in some capacity. But when March 22 rolled around, we didn’t really pay attention to our calendar and most of the day slipped right on by without us realizing that it was, in fact, March 22.😂

Papa sent us a group text saying “happy birthday, Kale!” and we suddenly realized what had happened. It was a Friday evening, and I rushed to the store to get the ingredients to make you a cake before sundown. We ate a late dinner:

  • paleo¬†baked penne pasta (recipe here, with a few modifications: I used Banza chickpea noodles, added ricotta cheese and kalamata olives to the mix, and topped it with So Delicious, dairy-free mozzarella.)
  • low-sugar, gluten-free challah bread (recipe coming soon!)
  • and then we celebrated YOU with a delicious paleo avocado chocolate cake. (It’s been a week, and we still have some leftover cake and frosting in the fridge!)

I’m so sorry we failed to remember sooner what day it was. But we are glad we got to spend some time celebrating your precious three years of life and are looking forward to celebrating you and Indie both on her birthday in a couple of days.

You’re such an amazing big brother. You and Haddie share a special bond that will only grow stronger through the years. I’m looking forward to watching that happen. Meanwhile, you keep hinting at how you want a little brother … pray and ask Yahweh, and He just might make that happen. 😊

Your smile and laugh are still contagious. And you look more like your daddy every day… (again, I’m perfectly fine with that 😉.)

Yesterday, you skinned your knee. The way you cried, any stranger would have suspected a broken limb. I’m glad it was nothing more than a small scrape, and loving you through the pain brought me so much joy. It made me fast-forward to your teenage years and think about what it’s going to be like when you suffer a broken heart for the first time. Though I not-so secretly pray that never happens, I hope you’ll lean on me if and when it does.

You have an incredibly kind heart. I’m always amazed at how willing you are to put others before yourself. One of your recent favorite questions is: “Daddy/Mommy, can I have some of your (insert whatever “thing” is in our possession at the time, usually food), because sharing is caaaaaring.”

😂 You’re right, son. Sharing is caring, and I’m so proud you know that and exercise it so well in your interactions with your siblings and other kids.

We love you so much Kale. Happy third birthday. I’ll try not to blink anymore.


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