Motherhood: Winging It


Motherhood Winging It Weestructed Mug

My good friend (and doula at Indie’s birth), Lindsay Fisher, gave me that mug as a gift after Kale was born, along with a T-shirt that says “Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting.” I wear it at least once a week and receive multiple empathetic nods whenever I do (no doubt, from moms who can relate).

The mug and shirt together pretty much sum up how I feel about this whole mama thing…

It is quite exhausting—mentally and physically—and most days, I’m pretty sure I have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing. I’m just … “winging it.”

But motherhood is also one of the most spiritually rewarding experiences we women can ever have. I’m reminded daily of how much my Father in heaven loves me. And I understand, now, why my obedience to Him is so important. He lovingly provides me with instructions on how to live, how to walk in His ways, and how to love Him, and those instructions are for my good.

Indie is a perfect example. Several times, on recent occasions, she has willfully turned her back in disobedience to the simple instructions we have given her, and almost every time, she has ended up hurting herself. She quickly realized that if she had just listened to the people who know best (ahem … her parents), she wouldn’t have gotten hurt. As much as it frustrates us, we scoop her up in our arms and reiterate how much we love her and how we are simply looking out for her best interests…

It’s the same scenario when we disobey our Father. We end up hurting ourselves. His law—his instructions—are given to us so that we can fully experience His blessings, yet time and time again, consumed by our own pride, convinced in our own minds that His ways are burdensome (even though His Word clearly states they are not in 1 John 5:3), we take our own path, thinking we know best, and what happens?

We fall off chairs.

We bump our heads.

We knock our teeth sideways.

Yet without fail, He scoops us up in His arms and reiterates how much He loves us and how He simply has our best interests at heart…

And seeing his mercy displayed over and over despite my disobedience makes me want to obey Him that much more!

Parenthood is a beautiful glimpse into our relationship with our heavenly Father and living life in His Kingdom.

“On earth, as it is in heaven…”

Yes, most days I’m just “winging it,” and I’m not always certain that I’m not totally screwing this whole thing up.

But I am certain the Father has my back, and He knows exactly what He’s doing.

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