You know you’re pregnant when…


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I posted this on Facebook and asked people to finish the phrase. Not one of the responses surprised me, but that’s because I’m experiencing them all as we speak.

By the way, if you’re new to my blog and we aren’t Facebook friends, I recently announced my pregnancy. I’m going to be 13 weeks tomorrow, and our “guess date” is April 6. I hear spring is a great time to have a baby. Here are the pics we posted with our “official” FB announcement:

Pregnancy announcement photo puppy big brother

Oskar’s gonna be a big brother!

Baby bump 12 weeks

12-week bump!

So for the next 7 months or so, I’ll be using this blog to document my experiences (among other things). If you’re the type of person who’s offended by TMI, then you may not want to follow my progress, because I’ll probably over-share at times. This will be our first baby (besides Oskar Blues), so naturally, I’m pretty excited! But I digress…

Back to the purpose of this post: “you know you’re pregnant when…” The following responses are based on my own experiences so far:

… you wake up at 3 a.m. every morning for no reason.

… you have to pee every 5 minutes.

… your bra size goes from a C cup to a DDD cup in 12 weeks. (I really hope it doesn’t get any bigger than that.)

… you cry when you see a child on TV.

… you cry while watching an episode of Friends.

… you cry and laugh at the same time while watching the video of the incredibly talented, yet very nervous girl, who wowed the judges on Britain’s Got Talent.

… you cry during the opening scene of the Glee season premiere, because naturally Rachel must be singing about Finn (who recently died) during her rendition of “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

(In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve shed a LOT of tears in the last few weeks.)

… your husband has to stop at the store on his way home from work at 11 p.m. to satisfy your sudden craving for a fudge brownie and a glass of almond milk.

… you never liked dogs much, but suddenly you love your new puppy more than you EVER thought possible and can’t wait for him to meet the new baby.

… you can’t stop reading books, watching movies, and reading blogs about giving birth.

… your mom has to pull over on the side of the interstate so you can throw up the protein shake you drank 2 hours earlier.

… your can no longer button your pants.

… you want to do nothing but sleep 16 hours out of the 24 in a day.

… you sit down to do something and then immediately forget what you sat down to do. (Apparently, that’s called “placenta memory,” or as my husband likes to call it “mommy memory already???”)

… you have weird and random dreams about people you haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

I think that about covers it. What about you? Share your experiences in the comments below starting with the end to the phrase “you know you’re pregnant when…”


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