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Cyrus “Kal El” Hopper was born on November 25, 2013 at 33 weeks. His middle name is translated in Hebrew as “The voice of God.” And he definitely lived up to his name.

Kal El
The voice of God
Our son
You’ll always be in our hearts

I have known his father, Trent Hopper, since high school. We attended church together at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. I believe that’s also where he met his wife Alex (Ali) with whom I went to college. Facebook is now the extent of my relationship with the Hopper family and has been for some time. My original intent was to blog about their story on America XL – the other website that I write for twice a month, and where I plan to publish my music very soon. I did write that blog – it’s called “The Perils and Powers of Social Media.” There, I reference Cyrus’ story to demonstrate how social media can be used for better (and for worse) to impact others. But one morning last week, as I was thinking and praying over their story, something inside me said “you need to write a song for that baby.”

Of course my immediate reaction was “Huh? But I don’t even talk to them outside of Facebook!”

Still, as He always does, God gave me the words and the voice to do it.

Twelve months into her pregnancy, Trent and Ali were told that there was a problem with Cyrus’ bladder function. His urethra was not fully developed, and as a result, his bladder could not fully drain. After month four, a baby contributes to his amniotic fluid by urinating into it, but because he was unable to do that, the amniotic sac lacked sufficient amounts of fluid to support his lung development.

I heard about Trent and Ali’s situation through a mutual friend of ours on Facebook. The couple had opened a group and invited people in to pray for them as they tried everything they could to sustain their baby’s life and give him a chance to survive in and outside the womb.

I eagerly joined the group and was touched and inspired every day as I watched hundreds of people rally together in support and prayer for this tiny person and his parents. It was amazing to watch Trent and Ali’s strength as they continually chose life, in spite of the discouraging words from the doctors they saw. I had never seen anything like it. Even before Cyrus entered the world, he made such a huge impact in the lives of so many. It’s no wonder his parents were proud to call him “son”.

The water in the womb was not enough to sustain you
But now you’re swimming in the rivers of life
Like a meteor of hope, you crashed into our lives, and
You brought a piece of heaven down to earth

And even though you never said a word out loud
Your life spoke to many and you made us proud

Kal El
The voice of God
Our son
You’ll always be in our hearts

Cyrus was born a few days before Thanksgiving and went to be with Jesus just 12 hours later. A short, but precious time, during which they continued to pray over this tiny miracle. His family held a memorial service where they had yellow ribbons for attendees to wear in his memory. (His nursery was yellow.)

Even though he didn’t survive for very long, his life was a more than a miracle.  I know we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives the impact that his story had and will continue to have in the future. I don’t believe that God is finished with His plans for this baby and for the people who surrounded him while he was here. And though none of us can hold his hand right right now, he will forever hold a place inside our hearts.

For twelve precious hours, time ceased to exist
As we held your tiny hands inside our own
Now this yellow ribbon that we wear on our chest
Signifies the place you’ll always hold

We didn’t know what God had in store
So we prayed for a miracle, and we got so much more

Kal El
The voice of God
Our son
You’ll always be in our hearts

When I read the obituary, I learned that his middle name was Kal El, which is Hebrew for “the voice of God.” God definitely spoke through him. I Googled the name, just for fun, and learned that it’s also Superman’s Kryptonian name. Trent has always been a big fan of Superman, so this didn’t surprise me. My husband and I happened to rent Man of Steel on DirecTV the next day, and I was able to confirm that fact.

Trent and Ali, I’m not sure when you chose this name or why, but wow … I don’t think you could have chosen a better one. I pray you and your family can take comfort in knowing that he is in his Father’s hands now, where he will be forever. Our lives here on earth are a tiny speck in the realm of eternity. One day, you will get to see him and hold his hand again, and just think — it will never end from that point on.

Our little Superman is in his Father’s hands
Where he will be for all eternity
Our little Superman is in his Father’s hands
And one day soon, we’re gonna see him again

We love you guys, and we are praying for you. I know we don’t talk outside of Facebook, but I feel so close to you all, just from hearing and observing Cyrus’ story. Thank you for inviting us in and asking us to pray and be a part of your experience. I know that losing a baby at any stage is hard, but I can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling from this immense loss. I know it’s cliche to say this, but I really do believe that heaven has gained another angel.

My hope is to record this song professionally and to put it up for sale with the rest of my music. I’d like to donate any profits generated from that recording to the Baby Hopper Fund. If you’d like to be updated when the project is finished, please follow me on Facebook. You can also join and follow their story through the Baby Hopper Facebook Group (pending approval).

In the meantime, please don’t stop praying for this beautiful family.


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