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Cole is only one year old, so his story is just beginning. But, it looks like it’s bound to be a good one. He has two beautiful parents who love him unconditionally and it shows.

When I first decided to do the song for Cole, I was pretty nervous about it. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I couldn’t ask his mom and dad (Candace and Clay) for information, and Candace isn’t the type to keep a baby blog or anything like that. Just a little background: Cole is actually Van Utsey’s cousin (remember the other cute baby I wrote the song, “little u” for almost a year ago? That’s Van.) Van’s mom made the writing process for his song really easy because she had kept a detailed blog since even before he was born. Cole’s project wasn’t so easy.

diaper cousins

My main source for info was April Harvey, Candace’s best friend. She gave me enough to go on, but I was still worried that it wouldn’t live up to the standards I had set with “little u.” But, Candace did cry, and since April had told me she wasn’t super-emotional, I knew I must have done something right. So, without further ado, here’s “Flawless,” a special song written for a special boy who we all think is pretty near perfect:

You got your mama’s eyes and your daddy’s hair
Dimples and a toothy smile, we could stare at you all day
If the inside of you were only half as beautiful as the rest
You would still be … flawless

smiling family with baby

Cole was born two weeks before his expected due date – and thank goodness. Everyone was ready to welcome him into the world, especially his mom. She had labored many months before he was born on his nursery – decorated with elephants and Pottery Barn blue.

Seems it wasn’t long ago that we couldn’t wait to meet you
You showed up two weeks early, guess you couldn’t wait to meet us too
We hope that you like elephants and the color blue

Pottery Barn blue elephants

Candace is so in love with her little boy. In April’s words, she never wants to put him down, and she can’t stand to hear him cry. As soon as the tears come, she’ll pick him up and comfort him right away. The tears don’t come often though. He’s a pretty happy baby. He smiles a lot, and sometimes he makes a cute little “raspberry” sound with his mouth.

When we picked you up we knew that we’d never wanna put you down
When we first saw you smile, we promised we’d never let you frown
We hope you never stop making that raspberry sound

smiling baby

As much as I wanted this song to be a surprise for the family, the secret leaked out. Candace is actually the one who sent me all of the pictures and videos that I used. In many of them, both she and Clay were laying kisses on their little boy like there was no tomorrow. I had to make sure to include something about that in the lyrics. April had also suggested that I work in something about Panther football or FSU football, since Cole’s parents are both such big fans. At one point, I had thought about putting the Seminole chant into the melody, but fearing I’d be accused of copyright infringement, I decided against it. We’re pretty sure Cole is going to be an athlete and a sports fan, just like his mom and dad, and I decided to mention that in a subtle lyric instead. Did I mention they have another baby on the way? Yep. Cole’s gonna be a pretty awesome big brother…

We’ll cover you with kisses every day
We can’t wait to watch you win your first big game
You’ll take after your father; you’ll take care of your mother
And you’ll be the best big brother in the whole wide world

parents kissing baby

“Flawless” was written for a flawless baby, but the recording is not without its flaws. Unfortunately, I was just overcoming sickness when I went into the studio to record it. Since it was a rushed project, I couldn’t wait for my voice to get better. However, I really want to do a full band version of the song someday. I think it would sound awesome with some other instruments added. My band, Sera’s Alibi, isn’t too keen on the idea, since we’ve already done one full band song about a child (“little u”), so it may take a little convincing. But if Van gets a “little u” full band recording, it’s only fair that his cousin Cole gets one for “Flawless,” right? So if you’re reading this post, and you’d’ like to hear “Flawless” done by Sera’s Alibi, visit the band’s Facebook page, hit the “like” button, and post a full band request for the song on our wall. The more requests we get, the easier it will be for me to convince the guys that this is a great idea!


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  1. Selwa, Thanks so much for asking for my help with this!!! It turned out so well! It made me cry too! You are incredibly talented. I wish I had the money to have you do something for Aidan .

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  3. I hope your band will do this Selwa, since Uncle Karl & I can’t watch the grand nephews grow-up, it’s so nice to see with you singing! You didn’t sound like you had been recovering, you sounded great!!! Love you!!! Tell Jer we said “HI” and give him our love too!!

    Aunt Deb

    • Thanks Aunt Deb! I hope we do it too. I may have to pick a different milestone for the new grand kids. It’s getting harder and harder to write about babies. But it’s still fun. Hope you are well. Tell Uncle Karl we said hi and we love you too!

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